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Colors have a profound effect on productivity; it affects the mind and subconsciously brings forth emotions and feelings in people. Corporate organizations no longer go for the dull and ordinary colors because they recognize the effect of having some active colors. This is why companies invest a huge fortune in finding the right colors for their company. In a corporate organization, colors matters, they speak boldly about the company’s image, culture, the personality of the workers and the business the company is into. To represent their company’s image, many businesses consult interior designers for an office space to find the right colors for their business organization. By doing this, there is a better assurance of achieving certain goals such as attracting customers and influencing the purchase of their services. There are several popular and suitable color schemes that will attract customers, tell the story of the services you sell, and inspire your workers. These color schemes are designed by interior designers for an office space to look like a combination of colors that are considered official yet fun at the same time. These colors give a more comfortable feel to an office and help brightens the atmosphere while working. When companies consult Office space designers in Bangalore they are given different color scheme options where they can choose from. When consulting interior designers for office space to help with colors for your business organization, you should have an idea of the image you want to showcase. Here are lists of color scheme ideas that can help you make your office space lively and interesting for workers and also achieve what you desire most – profit making. Peach Scheme, Benjamin Moore When you want to inspire your workers and customer with the feel of energy buzz whenever they enter your office space, the best colors to choose from is peach. The color is sharp giving your office space a vibrant and energetic look. It is also a unique color as you do not usually find many offices with this color. Adding matching colors to tone the sharp edges down a little bit without stealing the energetic shine away will also be more fascinating. Full Moon Color Scheme, Benjamin Moore This is one of the simple yet elegant colors that can define your taste when it comes to office space designs. With white, it is easier to complement with other colors. Whether it is Ice Cube or White Ice, white has a unique way of exuding charm and class in the easiest form. From classic to contemporary office spaces, white is the perfect back perfect background for you. Ral8022 Ral Color Chart This color scheme shows the elegance and taste in your office space, its Eurolux matte finish and sepia tones make a bold and powerful statement together. Classic Grey Color Scheme, Benjamin Moore You can take the boring look away from your office space by adding a nice coat of light gray to give it a light and bright look as well as keep your team invigorated. Shaded White Color Scheme, Farrow, and Ball The color scheme has a washed out café au lait look that is sharp and strong. It is a perfect background when you want to combine other different colors. Blue Echo Color Scheme, Benjamin Moore Blue is one of the colors that can never go wrong, blue echo is a rich blue with a light touch of grey for square inches such as walls, bookcases, and trims. This combination speaks of an inviting and pleasant environment that will invigorate creative minds Oval Room Blue Color Scheme, Farrow, and Ball This is one of the most popular color schemes you find in many office spaces, the color is a deep rich blue that brings out drama and jazz in your office space. Office space designers in Bangalore are recognized by many for their beautiful color designs. These office space designers will transform your office space with rejuvenating colors shames. The right color scheme also has an effect on the environment as it uplifts, and invigorates the environment, hence increasing the scale of productivity.


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Nice article, really nice designs. Love you work and inspiring spirit.

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